Early Bird Reader Program

A South Texas community volunteer project in collaboration with Corpus Christi Literacy Council, CCISD and Education Service Center-Region 2

For more information call 361.563.1452 or write info@earlybirdreader.org


Early Bird Reader "Be a Hero" Poster

Helping children succeed in school

The Early Bird Reader Program is a unique collaborative effort between our community, schools, parents and students to insure all of our children have the literacy skills required to successfully launch their school career. We looked for a creative way to make sure more and more of South Texas children come to school having hands-on experience with books and reading. Ours is a peer-to-peer program, kids reading to kids.

Research indicates that children who enter kindergarten without ever having been exposed to reading or books are so significantly behind children who have had that experience that their chances of ever catching up with their peers and expected standards are very slight. To address this concern before children start school, a group of volunteers created a partnership network of organizations to work with the Early Bird Reader Program Committee to provide anongoing supply of books and implement the program. School librarians teach their students how to read to pre-K younger ones at home as well as providing them with age-appropriate books for their home library. Most of the books for the program are donated by the public to recycle these needed books into the hands (and minds) that most need them.



Our 10th annual KIII-TV Book Drive is Friday, March 31st!

The people of South Texas are our generous partners for supplying us with books for newborns through 5-year olds. Area schools and librarians are our EBR champions who put those books to use by equipping students to read to the preschoolers family members at home. Thank you to KIII-TV for continuing to support us in such a big way.

You can drop off you books all day long on March 31st - we'll be collecting them at the entrance to KIII studios at 5002 S. Padre Island Drive from 5:00 AM to 6:30 PM. Or you can drop off books at our collection boxes (green and pink bookerys) anytime in March and we'll add them to our book drive count.

You can also donate your gently used books - all year long, at your convenience - by dropping off your books at any of our Early Bird Reader "bookeries" in public libraries in Corpus Christi and Portland.


Or purchase from our Amazon Wish List or make a donation and we'll use it to buy books - we have great connections to purchase books at discounted prices.


Early Bird Reader In the News!

Here are some stories from the 2016 KiiiTV Early Bird Reader Book Drive. We are grateful for KIII's support with their whole-hearted sponsorship of our annual EBR children's book drive every year since 2008.

Librarians and students - the heart of the Early Bird Reader Program

Live from the Early Bird Reader Book Drive

Early Bird Reader Program Book Drive at KIII Studios - Live Donation & Wrap-Up

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